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Life’s Seasons
is an accredited
organization with
The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children.
The information below has been copied from:
The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children
Why Accreditation?
  • Accreditation brings added credibility to Certified TLC members and/or organizations who employ TLC Certified members.
  • Establishes a standard of trauma care practised by that individual/organization.
  • Attracts consumers seeking trauma specific help.
  • Provides a professional enhancement for professionals working with traumatized children, adolescents, families, and community organizations.
  • Encourages support by those interested in evidence-based practises.
  • Provides national recognition via TLC’s website listing of Accredited Member information.
  • Provides additional credibility with funding agencies, referral agents and other community programs.
Organization/Agency Accreditation Member Requirements
  • At least one staff member must remain TLC Accredited for every ten clinical staff members.
  • Completion and approval of the accreditation application.
  • Annual renewal following initial 2-year accreditation period.
  • Accreditation status must be displayed as provided by TLC.
  • Must support TLC Trauma Informed Standards of Care, the Core Values of Starr Commonwealth and the ethical standards set forth by the professionals represented by your staff. To remain accredited, that staff member must maintain certification status by taking one TLC online course yearly or attending one TLC training day yearly.

TLC Accredited
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